June 2015

History of Foothills

Until the early 1950's, citizens of the rural areas of Johnson, Lawrence, and Magoffin Counties did not have a modern telephone system. Due to the foresight of some of the area citizens, Foothills Telephone Cooperative was incorporated on September 10, 1951. With this vision tuned to the people's needs in obtaining communication in their rural area, Foothills was formed. Since it's inception as a telecommunication force in Eastern Kentucky in the 50's, Foothills has been on the cutting edge of the latest technology bringing telephone, high-speed internet service, long distance, and, now, Cable TV to their customers.

Keeping together

Foothills, in keeping with their dedication of bringing the latest telecommunication services to their area, and in partnership with Appalachian Wireless, offers a wireless service that gives nationwide calling with service connection agreements with all major wireless providers. With this winning combination, you can always remain within reach no matter where you roam.

Leading the charge

Today, Foothills Telephone is still forging ahead as a leader in the telecommunication service. What began as a need for simple telephone service has today turned into a state-of-the-art network featuring advanced technology such as high-speed Internet and long distance service. The latest hi-tech solution that Foothills Broadband has brought to its area is Fiber To The Home (FTTH), which gives the customer super high-speed Internet services, crystal clear voice, exceptional quality video (TV cable), including the most sought after high-definition TV. This will open the door for a broader range of video services such as gaming that can be provided in the future.

First Building

With this advanced telecommunications infrastructure in place, the sky is the limit as to what new and vital components Foothills can provide to its customers, the area, and the communities it serves.

First Telephone Pole

In consideration of where you would like to have your next home or business location, whether small or large, keep in mind that Foothills has everything in the communication technology that you or your business would need. Come On Over to their "Neighborhood Network" and let them show you what all the buzz is about!